SECURITY : Videosurveillance


Nowadays everything is networked – why not the alarm system and home automation too?
When you wanted to equip your business or your home with an alarm system and a home domotic system, so far you can only do this with two separate systems. However, a window contact would be enough for example to control the air conditioning during the day and report an intrusion when the alarm system is activated.
Until now, the possibilities of connection between the alarm system and home automation were very limited. With the new KNX concept, this is now very easy to do.
Different scenarios develop depending on the alert: flood, fire … The alarm is triggered to wake the resident, turn on the bedroom lights and open the blinds.
In the event of an intrusion, the main aim of the alarm will be deterrence. Depending on the location of the danger, the lights come on, and the blinds go up or down, simultaneously with the activation of the siren.